4G dashcam with voice assistant

knows everything about your car, easily managed through the app or website

Unique combination of features and design

FullHD video
4G Wi-Fi
Live video
Speed camera

Secure storage for photos and videos

Linza ™ records all your data to an external microSD card, and sends all important events to a secure
cloud storage. In case of loss or damage to the memory card or the dash camera itself, important
photos and videos won’t be lost. You have access to recorded materials anytime and from anywhere
in the world. In addition, you can post it to your social media accounts using the Linza ™ app.

Linza™ voice assistant

The built-in voice assistant won’t let you get bored on a long drive. It’s always ready to tell you about the latest news and exchange rates, offer to listen to your favourite music, tell a story to kids, or just chat. You can also control the DVR with a voice command.

High quality recording day and night

Linza™ has a build-in high resolution matrix that provides FullHD video recording
at 30 fps with HDR support. Linza ™ works effectively in low light conditions and even at night.
It has built-in noise-canceling microphone designed to filter ambient noise from the sound you want to record, which is especially useful in noisy environments.

FullHD video recording at 30 fps
with HDR support
Low light video

Wide viewing angle of 150°

Forewarned is forearmed!

Trips history
Live streaming
Parking mode
Public Map
Linza™ not only records the video but also stores the route and ride parameters. You will know exactly when and where a malfunction or dangerous situation occurred, as well as will be able to watch video of any part of the route on the map.

Speed Camera Detector

Linza™ knows about speed radars around and integrated voice assistant will warn you about them along your way.

New feature

Instant alert notifications


Car accidents

Stealing and hijacking

OBD errors

Bluetooth button

Allows you to instantly save important events, both in the cloud and locally, without distracting you while driving.

Linza™ is an innovative and functional solution for drivers

We decided to abandon the built-in screen and made an incredibly convenient mobile app
for you to easily control the camera and view your routes, photos and videos.
You can also watch remote live streaming through the app.

The Linza™ lens is specifically designed for a variety of road conditions.

Convenient mount with connector allows you to quickly charge the device.

Linza™ is also a WiFi router in your car that will always help out on a long journey.


Full HD video recording at 30 fps
Wide viewing angle of 150°
Cloud storage
Voice assistant
Parking mode
Live streaming
Trips history
4G WiFi router
Noise-cancelling microphone
Micro-SIM card slot
GPS tracking
IR Lense
3500 mAh battery
OBD-II support

4G dashcam with voice assistant

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